new service will text you as soon as frank ocean's album drops

If texting is still a thing when that happens.

by Hannah Ongley
Aug 11 2016, 7:05pm

If Frank Ocean's new album is anything near as pioneering as the measures fans are taking to cope with being repeatedly deprived of it, Boys Don't Cry will be well worth the excruciating wait. Following the introduction of Frank Ocean Snapchat filters and a collaborative Frank Ocean diss album containing tracks such as "Cryboys" and "Super Pissed Kids," web developer Shahzeb Khan has created a service that will text (or email) you as soon as the album finally does drop. You can sign up to for free at at

Khan explained on Reddit that his service works by frantically scanning iTunes, Twitter, and Spotify. Of course this means it will be quite ineffective if Ocean plans to secretly release the album as a brick-and-mortar Target exclusive — something we're not 100% sure he hasn't done already. In the meantime, Boys Do Cry really is quite the lyrically brilliant treat.


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Frank wears top French Connection. Chain model's own.
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