ryan mcginley's most extreme nudes yet

Downtown New York’s most prolific chronicler goes arctic with his latest collection, ‘Winter.’

by Hana Beach
Oct 30 2015, 8:20pm

photography ryan mcginley

Ryan McGinley is a master of reinvention. Although he has been photographing beautiful downtown kids in the buff for his entire 16-year-long career, they've never been quite so exposed to the elements as in his most recent series, 'Winter.' Shot in upstate New York in sub-zero temperatures, the images take his body of nudes to a new level.

Logistically, shooting naked models in freezing temperatures is very difficult. Precautions have to be taken so toes and fingers aren't lost to frostbite. And beyond the temperatures, in some images models climb on top of, in, and around the physical landscape. Ryan and his team had to macgyver crafty inventions out of ice-fishing tents, propane tanks and rock-climbing gear to make the shots possible.

As a result, the images in 'Winter' are chilling. In one, a naked body crawls up an enormous mound of ice, and in another an angelic, naked figure skater seems unphased by the biting temperatures. But despite the challenges of the climate, the relaxed bodies and peaceful, euphoric settings manage to make the work decidedly Ryan. 'Winter' is only half of a larger, bicoastal show. Team Gallery will be showing 'Winter in its New York gallery and Fall in its LA gallery.

'Winter' will run from Nov. 5 to Dec. 20 at 83 Grand Street.  


Text Hana Beach 
Photography Ryan McGinley

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Ryan McGinley
Team Gallery