is jaden smith shooting a skate film?

The multitalented teen recently promised fans some 'really, really dope, inspirational stuff.'

by Hannah Ongley
Jan 13 2017, 9:43pm


Jaden Smith has a(nother) new job: documentarian. On Tuesday, the teen philosopher, rapper, designer, and boxed water fan posted an existential Instagram Live video filmed in the aftermath of his failed driver's license test. It raised some very important questions, including: "Why aren't scientists Instagram Live-ing, why am I? Why aren't people Instagram live-ing about curing cancer?" It also raised some equally important concerns about creative repression. "It's hard these days to really create the life you want for yourself," he explained, "because there's nobody really here that's like supporting the youth or the youth's creativity." Jaden then revealed that he was planning to leave Los Angeles to escape the haters, create his own best life, and "do some dope — some really, really dope, inspirational stuff that's beyond just music and clothes."

That project could be just about anything — including a skate film that he was seen shooting at an upscale outdoor mall in Calabasas. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before things were shut down by a security guard who certainly did not give a damn about supporting the youth or the youth's creativity, and told the skate crew to stop shooting on private property. But as the Daily Mail noted, "He appeared to be filming his friends for a documentary or something as he was using a rather large camera for his latest escapade." (It is a pretty large camera.)

We'll have to wait and see if a skate film is the really dope, inspirational stuff that Jaden promised was coming at "the end of 2017." Jaden is very good at skating, as he is at most things he applies himself to, with the exception of driving. The other not-inconceivable theory is that he's planning a series of Instagram Live science lessons. 


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