lily-rose depp and natalie portman are psychic sisters in new 'planetarium' trailer

Time to brush up on your French.

by Charlotte Gush
Aug 25 2016, 4:30pm

The first trailer has been revealed for Rebecca Zlotowski's upcoming film Planetarium, which stars Lily-Rose Depp and Natalie Portman as the psychic Barlow sisters. The sisters are performing in a 1930s Paris cabaret when they catch the eye of an extravagant movie producer who is determined to make them stars of the silver screen. The drama ramps up when older sister Laura (Portman) begins some form of relationship with the producer, seeing him as "an opportunity," one that Kate (Depp) begins to encroach upon.

This French language trailer is the only version to be released so far, likely due to the fact the film has yet to find an American distributor. It will screen at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, before opening in France on November 16.


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