a ‘twilight’ and ‘hunger games’ theme park is in the works

Want to take a hovercraft tour of Panem?

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Aug 16 2017, 8:22pm

Screenshot via YouTube

Soon Hunger Games and Twilight fans will be able to try out their archery skills and take a stroll through a recreation of Forks, Washington (Bella Swan's perpetually "cloudy with a chance of rain" hometown). That's because Lionsgate is creating a theme park set to feature rides and attractions based off its franchises, the studio has announced.

Viewing the landmarks of the Capitol will require a bit of travel — and patience — from U.S. fans, though. Lionsgate Movie World will open as part of South Korea's Jeju Shinhwa World resort in 2019.

With its high-stakes, futuristic battles and otherworldly costumes, the Hunger Games universe is great inspo for some heart-racing rides. In fact, experiences based off the YA series are already popping up elsewhere. In 2015, Dubai Parks and Resort announced plans for a simulated hovercraft that will take riders on an aerial tour of Panem. And this summer, an exhibition featuring costumes worn in the Hunger Games films toured the US.

It's a bit harder to imagine exactly how Lionsgate Movie World visitors will dive into Twilight. Perhaps we will be able to throw on headsets that simulate the Cullens' unique powers — hearing simulated thoughts, like Edward, and watching imagined visions of the future, like Alice.

Lionsgate Movie World will consist of seven themed "zones" corresponding to the studio's film franchises — including Robin Hood: Origins and Now You See Me (a film about clever Las Vegas magicians).

Lionsgate is also the studio behind the upcoming My Little Pony movie (hitting theaters in October) and, well, we wouldn't be completely opposed to a glittery rainbow gift shop.

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