rihanna adds photographer to her resumé

A new video shows the musician-turned-designer behind the camera for the Fenty 6-19 campaign.

by Nicole DeMarco
Jun 21 2019, 5:36pm

Photo via Instagram

Rihanna has had a busy week, to say the least. The musician-turned-fashion designer and all around superhuman not only opened her Fenty pop up in New York, showcasing her designs on the most realistic mannequins we’ve ever seen, but also released the collection’s second drop on June 19. Our queen does not rest however. She ‘s just added another title to her resumé, that of photographer, photographing the latest Fenty campaign too.

The LVMH house posted a video to their Instagram, which shows Rihanna on set and behind the camera — styling and posing her models to best show off Fenty’s new beachy looks. The second drop features clingy summer dresses, graphic tees, and plenty of sunglasses. The clothes themselves were designed for "ease of travel and rendered in light textiles with bright hues and eye catching prints" and “intended for escape.” So, they’re best worn while on vacation in the steamy tropics, perhaps to Rih’s native Barbados, whilst sitting in the sun and sipping on a frozen alcoholic beverage of your choice.

When the first campaign video dropped last month, giving us the first glimpse of Fenty’s sultry silhouettes, Rihanna could be seen directing the models throughout. The fact that she photographed her latest drop then, comes as less of a surprise — evidently she’s becoming a creative director in the mode of the late Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed the Chanel and Fendi campaigns. Is there anything Rihanna can’t do?