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      news Alice Newell-Hanson 28 December, 2015

      louis vuitton’s new campaign model is a hot, pink-haired warrior from 'final fantasy'

      She knows how to wield a samurai sword and rock a leather capelet.

      via @nicolasghesquiere

      Just when you thought you couldn't stand being home for the holidays with your brother any longer, here's something you can bond over: Louis Vuitton's new spring/summer 16 ad campaign stars Lightning, the rosy-locked recurring character in the Final Fantasy series. She's hot, has pink hair, and knows what to do with a samurai sword — and she looks flawless in perforated leather capelets and metallic sheaths by Nicolas Ghesquière. The designer posted images and a video from the upcoming "Series 4" campaign — created in collaboration with the game's developer, Square Enix, and designer Tetsuya Nomura — on his Instagram account.

      via @nicolasghesquiere

      As Quartz points out, this is not the first time Lightning has taken a break from her career as a professional quester to model some nice clothes. In between searching for her lost sister, Serah, protecting the goddess Etro, and saving the world from impending apocalypse, Lightning sported a silk paisley look from Prada's spring/summer 12 collection in the pages of Arena Homme+.

      Ghesquière, for his part, has a long-running obsession with digital technology and sci-fi. And his spring/summer 16 show was his most cyber to date: it featured Oculus Rift goggles, references to Minecraft and manga, and armor-like plating not dissimilar from Lightning's usual warrior getup. He also has a thing for pink hair. See: his muse and Vuitton runway mainstay Fernanda Ly.



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