10 things you need to know about andreas melbostad

The Diesel Black Gold designer shares all.

by Matthew Whitehouse
Mar 16 2016, 9:54am

Do you believe in rock and roll? Andreas Melbostad certainly does. At the helm of Diesel Black Gold, the Norwegian designer has slowly but surely refined the performative posturing of a brand renowned for it's street cred, successfully balancing iconic references with an innate sense of The New. His designs have become a way of saying "I BELIEVE IN ROCK AND ROLL" without having to lose the thorough execution of, well, less rock 'n' items. And, as his most recent collections will testify, he is ensuring the nocturnal appeal of a leather jacket will forever be clothing to save your mortal soul. Following the Italian brand's homecoming return to Milan, here are 10 things you need to know about Andreas Melbostad.

1. He was always drawn to the creative 
"Fashion for me is a very intimate expression of individuality and evolving times, and this aspect has always fascinated me. I also love the craft of the making product, and I am obsessed with the construction and architecture of the designs. I feel very fortunate to have had all the opportunities that I have had in the business. It has allowed me many special collaborations and it has brought me into the world."

2. He first became involved with Diesel Black Gold back in the spring of 2012
"I was personally contacted by Renzo [Rosso - President of Diesel's parent company, The OTB Group] and invited to visit the company. Once we met, he explained that he wanted to partner with me based on the attitude of my work for Phi [where Andreas was Creative Director until 2009]. It was immediately clear that he puts a lot of passion and determination behind Diesel Black Gold and this gave me a full confidence in the project and the collaboration."

3. He believes that every season beings a new challenge
"There is always pressure. My approach is to focus on the task at hand and together with the team work to bring our best efforts forward. The key collaborations and joint effort on the projects gives me the support to help best manage the situation."

4. The idea behind the latest collection was to "juxtapose the textures"…
"For this collection I reworked the brand's signature industrial, utilitarian aesthetic to incorporate a nocturnal, urban attitude, where the strong appeal of leather, nylon, denim and felt is contrasted to the richness of velvet, lurex and sequinned cloths. Richer on one hand, but also very controlled."

5. He moved the womenswear show to Milan for many reasons"Showing in New York established a strong identity and brand awareness. Bringing our identity and aspirations to Milan offers the Italian fashion week a different point of view. The evolution of Diesel Black Gold and the new Milan energy gave us confidence in the timing of our move and the opportunity to speak to a bigger international audience."

6. In terms of his own style, he likes a restrained focus on cut, construction and detailing
"I like my designs to speak to individuals with a clear sense of self and the confidence to express themselves through their dress choices. I like my work to bring forward authentic and iconic references while re-proposing them in a new context."

7. He doesn't put on a show with any one person in mind
"I don't have a specific name in mind, it's more the idea of an attitude than one individual. I love to think of individuals with a great sense of self who enjoy to express themselves. I want to give strength and confidence to people that wear my collections."

8. But there's one he'd love to watch himself
"I would love to see an Azzedine Alaia show."

9. Music-wise, he always returns to the icons
"Depeche Mode, New Order, Joy Division, The Clash, The Cure, David Bowie…. Always works."

10. And he has some sound advice for young designers
"Follow your heart, find your style and work hard at it."


Portrait by Stefano Guindani

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