the hazy days of donatella and angel

Look at my closet Versace, Versace! Get excited - fashion's most glamourous Italian is holding her autumn/winter 14 show tonight. We gear up by talking with Donatella and her equally gorgeous BFF Angel Haze.

by Milly McMahon
Feb 21 2014, 3:20pm

Donatella Versace, J.W. Anderson and Angel Haze

Angel Haze and Donatella Versace are icons, idols, ultimate babes and bezzie mates. Angel is the fast-chatting, major label-signed NYC MC, driven forward by her dramatic former life struggles. Donatella is the glamorous, powerful Vice President and chief designer for fashion powerhouse Versace. First meeting at the Vogue festival last year, now when they aren't busy taking over the world, they like to spend their time gossiping. 

What did you talk about in your first meeting?
Donatella Versace: I first met Angel at the Vogue Festival in London in April this year. I'd wanted to meet her for so long - I've been obsessed with her music ever since I first heard it. I was like a total fan when we first met, and we talked about being fearless, and being unafraid.
Angel Haze: The first time I met Donatella, I was surprised by how much two people from two totally different worlds could have in common. I'll admit I was nervous, but she is everything and more in person. I've never been more inspired by anyone. I specifically remember her saying "Be fearless, be provocative, and fight for your dreams."

What were your first impressions of each other?
Donatella: First, that she's absolutely beautiful. Then how smart she was, how funny and clever, a young woman who know exactly what she's doing. I love her so much.
Angel: First, that she's absolutely gorgeous and amazing and hilarious. So smart. So fucking down to earth and I loved her immediately.

Angel, what's your favourite feature of Donatella?
Definitely her mind.

Donatella, what's your favourite feature of Angel?
Her mind.

What makes you both laugh?
Donatella: Usually things I'm not supposed to laugh at.
Angel: I laugh at everything, but I have such an insanely dry sense of humour.

Angel, describe Donatella in five words…
Wise, cultured, captivating, fearless, relatable.

Donatella, describe Angel in five words…
Fearless, unique, brave, stunning, unstoppable.

What have you learnt from each other?
Donatella: I have learned so much, just from being around Angel at the very beginning of her career. I love being around young people, and their energy and determination to make themselves heard. It's amazing to see that each new generation has that passion and drive. It makes he want to keep pushing forwards, and to keep Versace focused on the future.
Angel: I've learned that you literally must be fearless when going for what you want. I got a lot of confidence from just being around her. You know Donatella's story isn't a fairytale and she made an incredibly impacting legacy (all while becoming the fucking amazing woman she is) with the cards she was dealt. I'll always be inspired to become more even with the odds stacked ridiculously high against me.

What's your favourite thing to do together when you're not working?
Donatella: Laugh, gossip, tell each other stories, the usual!

If you could swap lives for a day what would you do and where would you go?
Donatella: What, I get to be Angel Haze? For a day? That'd be amazing! I'm in the public eye, but I've never been a performer. To experience life on stage would be incredible. But only as Angel Haze. Not as me.
Angel: Oh man, lol. I would do way too much. It'd be interesting to see life from her angle. I'd start by running for president, lol. JK. But fashion is everything and I'd want to experience it as one of the most prominent and powerful women in the industry. I'd also look through the Versace archives, I'm talking back to 97.

What is your favourite thing about each other?
Donatella: There's so much that I love about Angel, but maybe my favourite thing is all that is ahead of her, in her future.
Angel: My favorite thing about Donatella is that she's real, and that is so rare that it makes her more special.



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