​jaden smith wants to use msfts brand to make science cool

The multi-tasking 18-year-old says he wants his new T-shirts to "look like a mixture of Basquiat's and Einstein's personal notebooks."

Aug 12 2015, 1:57pm


Actor-rapper-philosopher Jaden Smith says he wants to use his lifestyle brand MSFTS to make science "cool." In a new interview with CR Fashion Book, the 18-year-old explains that though MSFTS began as a clothing line, he is placing no pre-conceived constraints on what it can blossom into. "What is MSFTS?' By asking this question you are already limiting its potential," he says. "It's nothing that has the potential to become everything, with the right minds behind it."

Discussing the inspiration behind MSFTS' latest collection, Jaden says he wants his T-shirts "to look like a mixture of Basquiat's and Einstein's personal notebooks." "Our designs are usually mathematical and scientific based," he explains, adding that, "We realize that most kids don't think that science is cool, so we are mixing pop culture with education to show people that if you look at something with a different lens, you can gain a new perspective."

Jaden and his sister Willow, cover star of i-D's Coming Of Age Issue, will launch the new, science-inspired MSFTS collection at a joint music and fashion show in Dubai later this week.