obama drops ‘summer night’ playlist featuring beyoncé, frank ocean and erykah badu

Ironically, no ‘Grease’ soundtrack cuts, though.

by Emily Manning
Aug 14 2015, 4:35pm

Image via @beyonce

Although the internet has produced many a Bill Trill Clinton meme, we all know Barack Obama is the coolest president we've ever had. Back in 08, Rolling Stone declassified the contents of the presidential iPod to reveal the Commander in Chief's fondness for Jay-Z (his daughter and Girls intern Malia kept this hip-hop legacy alive by posting a selfie repping the Pro Era crew earlier this year.) Today, Obama served his fellow Americans the hottest mixtape the Oval Office has ever dropped, fam: a seasonal Spotify playlist entitled "Summer Night."

Despite its title's Grease leanings, "Summer Night" thankfully doesn't feature any of John Travolta's crooning. Instead, DJ BO corralled the perfect nocturnal mix of soulful classics from John Coltrane, Al Green, Otis Redding, and Nina Simone, as well as newer collabs like Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo's Miseducation track Nothing Even Matters, and for the kids, Beyoncé and Frank Ocean's Superpower.

Mr. President, if you could please remind Frank that it's now July 45th and we have yet to receive a new album, that would be greatly appreciated. 


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Image via @beyonce

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