​marc jacobs accidentally posts nude selfie, outclasses instagram trolls

Winning social media today is Marc Jacobs’s lovely ass and his chill response to busybody trolls.

by Charlotte Gush
Jul 1 2015, 1:39pm

Marc Jacobs may have cast for campaign models via Instagram, but as a user he's really just a newbie. Jacobs only launched his personal account in March this year, posting a playful selfie, candidly captioned "No filter, (some filler)!," and he has since shared snaps of his glamorous friends, his bull terrier Neville (a social media celeb in his own right) and the best #TBTs and Flashback Fridays this side of Michel Gaubert.

Late on Tuesday, however, Jacobs revealed a little more than he expected when he posted a (pretty hot) side-butt shot for all the world to see -- he had meant to send it as a DM, but he messed up and it went public. Cue insta-hysteria and a handful of ridiculous trolls who have nothing better to do than express their outrage at not-very-explicit but definitely unexpected personal snaps.

"Yeah. I accidentally posted a pic of my bare ass and took it down," Jacobs comments in response to one troll. "I was flirting with someone I met on Instagram. Meant to send it by DM. Oops, my mistake. I apologize to anyone it offended," he explains, adding, "I'm a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys on line sometimes. BIG DEAL!" Yes, Marc! #instahero


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