watch a teenage drake do adorable improv comedy

The 'Degrassi'-era rapper performs a country freestyle about the dangers of weightlifting while pregnant.

by Hannah Ongley
Jun 8 2016, 5:25pm

Before he was the 6 god, Aubrey "Drake" Graham was just a regular gay gym-goer named Damien with a fancy for pregnant weightlifters and a knack for freestyle country rhymes. Or at least he was for one very special night at Toronto's Rivoli theatre, a historical venue where Amy Winehouse played pool before her first Toronto gig. A recent CBC feature on The Rivoli has now alerted the internet to a Degrassi-era Drake performing questionable, adorable improv comedy there with a female partner. Looks like those SNL skits weren't Drake's first time at the rodeo. 

The unearthed performance involves Drizzy hitting on a pregnant woman at the gym. After coming out (so I'm gay, so what?) he nonetheless proceeds to serenade the woman with a small taste of his freestyle game: "You can't be lifting weights because you have a baby / You shouldn't be lifting weights you might get damage maybe." Though the best part might be the pre-OVO fit, including a pair of jeans containing more fabric than that entire Views photo book wardrobe. 

Drake might not be the most technically skilled rapper of all time, but he might very well be the rapper with the most diverse set of skills.


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