bill murray is working a couple of shifts at a brooklyn bar this weekend

Consider it your best chance to bask in his glorious party aura.

by i-D Staff and Wendy Syfret
Sep 16 2016, 2:32pm

Bill Murray is a master of surprise. And also of comedy, drama, and generally breathing in and out. In recent years, he's developed a reputation for crashing parties and New York Times cartoons. But this weekend he's giving fans a little warning for once, so they can make sure they're around to receive a full dose of his "what is celebrity?" awesomeness.

If you're around Brooklyn on Friday or Saturday night, head down to 21 Greenpoint where the icon will be tending bar. This isn't your usual cash-in-hand, the rent is due, shift. The bar is owned by his son Homer; we assume it's a way to hand out a family favor while fueling the mythological party hero aura that surrounds him.

In 2010 he almost melted the internet with his impromptu shift at Austin's Shangri-La bar during South By Southwest. He was enjoying some drinks with the Wu-Tang Clan — no big deal — when he decided to jump behind the bar. Well, at least he's had some practice. 


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