jess glynne's soundtracking your summer more than know

You may not realise yet but you know Jess Glynne. You've jumped up and danced to her song at a party, turned her up on the radio or Shazammed her when she's played in your local shop - because with two songs in the Apps Top 5 of 2014, whether you know...

by Felicity Kinsella
Jul 9 2014, 11:45am

She's the super-energetic, hella-fun, vintage-Versace-wearing soul-singer providing the vocals on Clean Bandit's Rather Be, Route 94's My Love and now her own first single, Right Here, another club killer which was released this week. We ran backstage post-Wireless to find the girl with the shock of red hair providing the soundtrack to your summer.

When did you first start singing?
I've been singing all my life but do you mean when did I first started singing professionally? Well I hated it at school, didn't really get on with the teachers - they weren't supportive at all but then I started working at a management company and decided that I wanted to be the one that was singing so, around 19. 

How does it feel to be singing on two of the most Shazammed songs ever?
It's amazing, we just never expected it when we were making either of them. It was crazy, I got in the car and for like a week straight my song was on the radio, but I loved it, they're songs I don't get sick of, so I just sing along. 

What perks of fame are you enjoying at the moment?
I'm definitely enjoying the fashion side of it, like I would never have been able to walk into a Versace store and just buy a shirt. I love getting involved with all the creative aspects, like with the video we made for Right Here. 

What's on your rider?
Toffee Crisp is always the first thing! Then Manuka Honey, lemon, water and vegetables and that thing that stirs it all up... 

A blender?

Most people just ask for beer or rum...
Yeah, I have some gin but I don't really drink that much. I can't drink before I go on stage. I don't really get drunk anymore but I used to go out a lot, like if you saw me at Wireless last year - I don't even remember the day! 

How did it feel to go solo after two such massive hits?
Really great, because that's what I got signed for. 

And you're working on your new album at the moment?
Yeah, hoping for it to come out early next year. 

How would you describe the sound?
I mean, I've always been influenced by soul and hip hop and R&B but I'd just say, don't expect anything. Don't expect dance, don't expect house because I'm not a house artist. 

What frame of mind do you have to be in to write?
You know, it's really bad, I haven't been writing as much lately just because I've been so busy. As long as I'm relaxed I can write, but I always get inspired by things and just take a picture or write something down. 

What was the last song lyric you wrote?
"You do me right, you do me wrong." That's going on this song - actually I'm not going to tell you anymore about that! 

How was Glastonbury?
I played at La Pussy Parlour Nouveau and it was just amazing having such a big crowd singing back at you, I got really nervous! Even today I was so nervous. I was just standing backstage, hearing everyone outside and was like "are they here for me?!" My dad was standing at the side of the stage and kept trying to talk to me and I had to keep being like "Dad, leave me alone!" 

Where's home for you now?
North London. I still live at home. I was going to move out but then everything kicked off and now I'm never there anyway but I do love Muswell Hill. 

Do you go out much in London?
I used to. Not so much now but if I do, I go to The Box, it's amazing there - go on a Wednesday! There's an afterparty there tonight, come to that! 

What was your first email address?
It was just because number "1" was taken. 

I was because cherry_soda was taken. Dev'd.
I know, how annoying is that?! Gutted. 

What posters were on your bedroom wall as a kid?
I had Fredrik Ljungberg in the Calvin Klein ad, Spice Girls and... Five. But maybe don't mention them, just stick to the Calvin Klein ad! 

What's on your phone background?
My lock screen is an Andy Warhol print of Elvis Presley and my home screen is my Mum and Dad. 

When was your first kiss?
It was in like Year 7 or 8. Or do you mean like proper kiss? Then 5 or 6 behind my house - I experimented young! 

When did you first fall in love?
I don't know... I think I was like 17. I never really know if I've been properly in love or it's just like infatuation? And just ask myself "did you break my heart," or was I not really in love with them? I still don't know now. 

Are you in love now?
No, I'm single at the moment. Just in case anyone wants to know! 

Well that information is right here with your email address so... Why did you dump the first person that you dumped?
You know, is it really sad, I don't think I've ever dumped anyone. I've always been the one that's dumped! Well, maybe it was in school when I was off for like two weeks ill and I said to him "give me a break," and when I got back I found out he'd kissed another girl. And he said "we were on a break," and I was like "I said 'give me a break,' not 'we're on a break!" Literally like that Friends episode. 

What are you up to this summer?
I've got my first headline gig coming up, at The Courtyard in Hoxton which I'm really excited about, you should come down. Then I've got Lovebox, V Festival and I'm doing Birmingham Wireless tomorrow.  



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