'straight outta compton' podcast dives deep into hip-hop culture

The first episode is an interview with early N.W.A. mentor Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams.

by Hannah Ongley
Feb 25 2016, 5:38pm

Last year's N.W.A. flick Straight Outta Compton has been back in the headlines lately, mostly due to being snubbed by this year's whitewashed Oscar nominations. Now hip-hop fans have been given some significantly more awesome news regarding the could-have-been best feature. The film's screenwriter and executive producer Leigh Savidge, who was one of the few people to receive a nod from the Academy, has low-key been working on a podcast. It's called Straight Outta... The Podcast and launches today.

"I'm very excited to produce Straight Outta ... with PodcastOne," Savidge told The Hollywood Reporter. "PodcastOne is the ideal platform to bring the fascinating — and largely untold — stories surrounding Straight Outta Compton and hip-hop culture to a larger audience." 

Each episode of the weekly podcast will explore a new chapter of hip-hop culture via interviews with its most fascinating personalities. Confirmed guests so far include N.W.A. mentor Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams, original N.W.A. member Arabian Prince, and Sharitha Knight, the ex-wife of Suge Knight. Head to PodcastOne to download Episode One with Lonzo, who "highlights his house as being the Mecca for West Coast hip-hop, Eazy-E owing him 500 dollars for the original recording of Boyz-N-The Hood, and not allowing a young Dr. Dre and Eazy-E into his club." Sounds like a pretty solid way to spice up your morning commute. 


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