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      culture Wendy Syfret 17 March, 2017

      kyle maclachlan made a twin peaks-themed playlist to get you in the mood

      There are fewer forest sounds and ominous moans than we expected, but we dig it.

      In case you hadn't noticed, we're really excited about the return of Twin Peaks. We've been obsessively following any news related to the cast, production, soundtrack, and merch since the David Lynch project was first rumored. Now, Kyle MacLachlan is doing his part to feed our frenzy by making a special Twin Peaks-inspired Spotify playlist — appropriately titled "Coffeetime" for his character FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's deep love of the beverage.

      While we personally would have expected something more ambient — or perhaps eerie forest sounds pierced by the odd distant scream — he's gone for a more traditional throwback offering. The Church, Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and The Doors all appear. Meaning it not only serves as an appetizer for the show, but a nice conversation starter next time you call your dad.

      Listen to it here.


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