get your freak on with i-D's halloween mixtape

Don a costume, grab your BOO, i-D wanna get freaky witch-oOOooOooo!

by Francesca Dunn and Frankie Dunn
Oct 28 2016, 10:35pm

Whether your Halloween plans involve locking yourself in the safety of your own home and watching horror movies all night long, going full on fashion at a fabulous party, or trying your luck at trick or treating, this one's for you. Calling all scary monsters and super freaks: join us for a witching hour full of music to get you in the mood for fright night. As the final hour approaches, may we remind you to watch our for the weirdos as you slip, dip, trip into your darkest nightmares of psycho killers, dead bodies and ghost towns while Goosebumps-inducing memories of The Blob That Ate Everyone and Say Cheese and Die starring a young Ryan Gosling echo in our warped minds. 

Listener beware… you're in for a scare!


Photography Nick Knight, Concept Gareth Pugh and Alex Box. [The Horror Issue, no. 267, June/July 2006]

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