watch don cheadle take on kendrick lamar in 'dna' video

The rapper releases the second video for “Damn."

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Apr 18 2017, 10:35pm

still from "dna"

Only four days after the release of his album Damn, Kendrick Lamar has already dropped a second music video in support of the critically praised record. After the aggressive video for "Humble," directed by the legendary Dave Meyers, Lamar continues his unapologetic, in-your-face one, two punch with "DNA."

The video comes not even 24 hours after Don Cheadle tweeted a backstage pass to Lamar's Coachella show, hinting at some kind of friendship between the two.

Directed by Nabil (who's masterminded videos for Kanye West, Travis Scott, and FKA twigs), "DNA" opens up with a handcuffed Lamar being interrogated by Don Cheadle (who plays the role of a detective).

At times, it feels as if Lamar and Cheadle are having a lip-sync battle to see who can out "Kendrick Lamar" the other. Well, Kendrick ends up winning this one.

The offbeat video is doused in references to kung-fu films, Lamar wearing a black linen Xunlian Fu uniform, Mandarin words popping up on the screen, and abrupt jump-cuts to a gang of girls zooming down the street in glee. At the end, Lamar uses his fire bars to put an end to Cheadle and pimp walks down the street with his squad (Schoolboy Q making a cameo appearance). 

Check out the video for yourself: