sia, grimes, jack antonoff match donations to fight trump's muslim ban

Music celebrities step up for justice on a day of disbelief and rage.

by Rory Satran
Jan 29 2017, 3:15am

Tonight, protestors are cheering outside the Federal District Court in Brooklyn Heights where Judge Ann M. Donnelly blocked part of President Trump's hyper-controversial immigration order. Following a day of fierce opposition at airports and widespread panic, the news is good, but not good enough. Refugees and immigrants from seven mainly Muslim countries will not be sent home, but their futures are still highly uncertain. This is a brutal new reality and those committed to America's plurality are angry as hell. It's an urgent time to support the civil rights organizations who are fighting back with legal action. And some musicians are upping the ante on Twitter. Sia, Grimes, and Jack Antonoff have all announced plans to match contributions to the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Send a screencap of your donation to these pop crusaders and they'll meet your donation up to a limit (for Sia, $100k). Empty clicktavism this is not. 


Text Rory Satran
Image via YouTube