lady gaga drops new track 'a-yo' and announces behind the scenes documentary

Pink cowboy hats at the ready!

by Tish Weinstock
Oct 19 2016, 2:37pm

Lady Gaga is back — you know that, I know that, we all know that. What we are yet to find out, however, is who exactly this new, improved Gaga is. Gone are the meat dresses and mermaid tails, gone are the Christmas duets with Tony Bennett. This is Gaga without frills or fancy. No more Jo Calderone, this is Joanne — a name that refers to the singer's late aunt, who passed away from Lupus when Gaga was 19 years old. "I believe everybody has a Joanne in their life," she recently told the Sunday Times.

We caught a first glimpse of the new Gaga earlier this month, when Mother Monster debuted three tracks from her upcoming album (also named Joanne), during a show at a small Nashville bar. One of these tracks, "A-YO," has just dropped today. Upbeat, country-ish, and very pop, have a listen below.

The album promises to be her most personal and revealing yet, which is why Gaga will also be releasing a film to accompany it, she has revealed. The film will document Gaga's recent journey and the creative process of making the new album.


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