class of 2016: nimmo spend hours on ginger spice's instagram feed

Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett create heartfelt, cathartic, physical dance songs that you need to know about.

by Hattie Collins and i-D Staff
Nov 23 2015, 7:35pm

Nimmo are childhood friends Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett and their three pals from university: Hannah Rose (synths), Jack Williams (drums) and Josh Faull (bass and synths). Together, they've been plugging away, playing shows and self-releasing records for over five years. Now signed to Sony and with an arsenal of courageously crafted "heartfelt, cathartic, physical dance songs" to their name, they're talents you need to know. Here are our ten favorite things...

1. Sarah and Reva met on the first day of Secondary School in Kilburn, North West London.
Reva: I said I liked Sarah's big, gold chain, she was like, 'Safe' and that nailed it. After school, we started writing music together in our bedrooms.
Sarah: It sounds cheesy, but making music is just completely part of who we are, rather than any conscious artistic venture. It's compulsive more than anything. It's just…
Reva: …what we do.

2. They weren't always the best behaved at school.
Sarah: We could probably count on both sets of hands how many times we were suspended from school. We were naughty.
Reva: Naughty and a bit angsty growing up. One time, I was thrown out for smashing a window. I'd had an argument with Sarah and I was so upset that I kicked the window in as the teacher walked past. I was like 'Ah I'm just sad, can't you see though my anger!' We weren't mean or horrible, though.
Sarah: I failed all my GCSE's, so I got kinda kicked out, but I managed to wangle my way back.

3. Any similarities with New Order and Alison Moyet are entirely accidental.
Sarah: I'd honestly never heard of Alison Moyet. She's great though.
Reva: We'd never heard of New Order either.
Sarah: Well we had heard of them, we knew the classics and we've listened to them since, but that 80s/electro sound wasn't a direct influence. It's kind of an accident because we never intended to make something retro-sounding.

4. Reva is really good at soccer.
Reva: I played for Arsenal Ladies until I was 14.
Sarah: But she supported Chelsea!

5. They both studied English at Brighton University and were obsessed by war poetry.
Reva: We love World War I poetry by Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. We're addicted to Robert Graves, too.
Sarah: Dylan Thomas was what first got me addicted to poetry. I started reading it when I was six-years-old because some of my family used to live near where he was from. Everyone from Wales knows Dylan Thomas. I got into reading his plays and short stories and the next thing I knew, it was my 18th birthday and my mom was taking me to his house. How rock and roll is that! 

6. Agyness Deyn made a video for them in 2013, nbd.
Reva: She did the video for Change in LA, completely off her own back. We didn't have anything to do with it, to be honest. We were chatting to her on Twitter, because she had played a song of ours on her radio show and then she was like 'I'll do a video for you'. We sent her a really, really rough demo which ended up being what was used in the video.
Sarah: We were still at uni and we'd never recorded a song properly. It was done through an iPhone, or something, in two hours!

7. They make us this really brilliant After Dark mix.

8. They don't have a title for their debut album yet, but it will feature their meditations on life and death.
Sarah: We haven't done a concept album at all; it's not about one specific relationship or time in our lives, but there's been a lot of fear running through all the songs. There's a song called Orange Skies, which is about not being able to control your identity after you die. There's another song about fearing your parents dying. There's a kind of anxiety running through us at the moment.
Reva: It's been a mad year.
Sarah: You grow up and start seeing things around you differently; you're not as selfish anymore. I don't just think about myself, I'm starting to be awakened to things around me that I didn't see when I was younger and wrapped up in myself.

9. Sarah used to live in a cupboard under the stairs.
Sarah: I called it the Poetry Hut and I lived there for about a year when I was 9. It's still there, at my mom's house. It was great; great but quiet.
Reva: She had framed photos of her family hung up on the walls.
Sarah: I Sharpie'd 'Sarah's poetry hut' on the wall and then there was a square that said 'knock here' and I wouldn't answer if I didn't think the knock was on the square. So weird!

10. They are a bit obsessed with Geri Halliwell's Instagram.
Reva: I love following Geri and also HunOfficial. Geri is just amazing. It's so unbelievably hilarious -- it's my humor down to a tee. We spend hours and hours scrolling through her feed.


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