get the red nose look with kate moss and david walliams

Kate Moss and David Walliams strut their stuff for Rimmel's Red Nose Red Lipstick campaign.

by i-D Team
Feb 26 2015, 6:35pm

Forget The London look, this season it's all about The Red Nose Look. In a bid to raise money for Comic Relief, supermodel and i-D cover star Kate Moss has enlisted the help of long-time friend and one-time co-star (remember when she appeared on stage in 2006 as Vicky Pollard's chavvy sister for Comic Relief?) David Walliams to star in Rimmel London's limited-edition Red Nose Red Lipstick campaign for Comic Relief. Preening and pouting as she parodies herself, Moss does her best to strut her stuff as she poses in front of legendary photographer Andy Warhol (played by David Walliams). However she's soon upstaged by her ''supermodel friends'' Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne and Rosie Hunting-Whitely - all played up David Walliams - who fight her tooth, nail, and lipstick for the limelight. "We are all hoping that people will make their face funny for money,'' says Moss, ''please buy the lipstick put it on your nose, put it on your cheeks, make yourself look like a clown and raise some money.'' So far they've raised over £50,000, but with Red Nose Day not till March 13, there's room for a lot more so snap one up before it's too late.

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