the girl scouts gave back a $100k anti-trans donation

#ForEVERYGirl means every girl.

by Emily Manning
Jul 1 2015, 6:04pm

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts made positive steps towards overturning the organization's long standing ban on openly gay leadership. But today, Beyonce's been proven right because girls are totally running the scouting world's equality game.

After an anonymous donor stipulated that their $100,000 contribution to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington could not be used to support trans girls, the Washington Scouts gave it right back. "Girl Scouts is for every girl," the council's CEO, Megan Ferland, told the bigoted donor. "And every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to."

But the girls won't need to hustle extra cookies to make up for the difference (although choice locations have definitely raked in the green recently). The Western Washington Scouts launched a crowdfunding campaign that's raised over $250,000 in just two days. This means that well over 1,000 girls "have the support they need to fully participate in all of the many life-changing experiences that Girl Scouts has to offer."

One of the #ForEVERYGirl campaign's 5,000 supporters (and growing) wrote in the page's comments section: "From a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, Gold & Silver Award recipient, and trans masculine identified person I thank you very much for honoring GSUSAs mission to be for ALL girls by sacrificing such a huge gift. I am glad to see you are on track to be repaid 2 fold! Girl Scout Camp was such an important experience for me, I'm honored to enable a girl to attend."

There's still ample time to donate to the #ForEVERYGirl campaign, and we sincerely hope you're blasting Troop Beverly Hills' Tina Turner-impersonating single It's Cookie Time and putting back a sleeve of Peanut Butter Patties while you're at it. 


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