claire barrow's dystopian future for spring/summer 16

The young designer took her trademark scribbles into a crumbling, frayed world of broken machines.

Sep 21 2015, 8:34pm

From the dimly-lit basement of the Institute Of Contemporary Arts, silky jazz melodies fused with synth sounds filled the air and set the scene for Claire Barrow's sophomore season as a part of NEWGEN. Titled Broken Machines, the collection was an exploration of our reliance on technology. The result was the antithesis of a selfie-indulging, technology-driven reality.

Models lazily lounged in black satin in what was reminiscent of old-world glamour. Claire's stunningly cast tribe of 30 models perfectly showcased her silk evening gowns, oversized suits and hand-painted separates that were sometimes styled with either no top or no bottoms, and all complete with the designer's signature illustrations.

Claire's unorthodox techniques, (her denim was washed with stones and sand in a cement mixer in her back yard), felt like a modern take on artisanal luxury and the attention paid to details could only come from a designer who lives the life of the girl she designs for. The artfully disheveled presentation was a triumph and the collection felt like a firm statement of intent for Claire's vision for the future, although undoubtedly not forgetting her DIY spirit we've seen in seasons past. For a collection that "pits the concepts of man against man-made" it's clear Claire wins.

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Text Lynette Nylander
Photography Jason Lloyd Evans