Ciaran Brammeld

belfast born and bred

Belfast’s Holy Trinity Boxing Club is a training ground for future champs. We meet 12 fresh-faced hopefuls, ready to perfect their power punches and take to the ring.

by i-D Staff
Jul 15 2016, 1:45pm

Ciaran Brammeld

Odhran Heskett

Jake Tucker

Louise Welsh

Kyle McGreevey

Daniel O'Niell

Joseph Lavery

Thomas McCarty

Fionntan Mac Giolla Cheara

Ryan Lennon

Sean McCombs

Brandan Ferral


Photography Amy Troost 
Fashion director Alastair McKimm
Photography assistance Sam Wilson
Digital technician Bruno Conrad
Production Patrick Daly at Yoke Production
Models Daniel O'Neill. Fionntán Mac Giolla Cheara. Brandan Ferral. Ciaran Brammeld. Jake Tucker. Joseph Lavery. Kyle McGreevey. Louise Welsh. Odhran Heskett. Ryan Lennon. Sean McCombs. Thomas McCarty. 
Special thanks to Sylvia Farago

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