burberry is suing lil yachty's right hand man burberry perry

We love you both. Please don't fight.

by Isabelle Hellyer
Jul 27 2016, 1:13pm

via Burberry/Burberry Perry

Burberry, the storied fashion house and purveyor of iconic check, is reportedly pursuing legal action against US producer Burberry Perry. You can guess why. The talented Lil Yachty associate lifted his name from the brand, and borrowed some of its symbolism for the cover of his debut album too.  

Pigeons & Planes reports the label sent Perry a number of cease-and-desist letters which requested he stop using their name, logo, and well-known plaid pattern. After Perry allegedly failed to make changes, Burberry sued. Stating the producer was engaged in "obvious copying of the Burberry trademarks" with the "intent to benefit from the brand."

It looks like Burberry Perry has taken things pretty seriously. If you head to his Soundcloud, the plaid album cover is gone—there's a bright yellow square in its place. Wonder what he'll go by now. Perry isn't bad on its own?


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