hardcore trio show me the body made us a mixtape and it rules

Having kicked off their UK tour at Corsica Studios last night, this is the come down.

by Frankie Dunn
Jun 20 2017, 9:55am

We love having our hair gel shooketh by NY hardcore trio Show Me the Body right now, their recent Corpus I mixtape threw up 17 tracks of unlikely and awesome collaborations with friends like Denzel Curry, Nolife and Princess Nokia, and was released through their very own Corpus label.

Last night they cranked up the furnace at seminal south London venue Corsica Studios. Excited about their UK tour, we asked them to make us a playlist of music to fight and fuck to (having spoken about how strongly they believe that music should make you want to do both) but instead they went and stepped the whole thing up a level and provided us with the very first edition of CPR Corpus Public Radio. Featuring tunes by the likes of serpentwithteeth, Vince Staples, Girl Pusher, Antwon and Code Orange, it's a mixed bag of friends and favourite tunes. As they ate their breakfast this morning, they dropped us a line to simply say that they are, "pleased to share the first Corpus Public Radio mix" with us all. How lovely.

Witness the fitness as Show Me the Body tour the UK between 17-26 June.  


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Brock Fetch 

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