Photography Matteo Montanari

we don’t tan we freckle!

It’s the little imperfections that make you perfect, so embrace your differences and love who you are, because a face without freckles is like a sky without stars!

by i-D Team
Jan 3 2015, 9:40am

Photography Matteo Montanari

George wears jacket, shirt and scarf Prada. Rollneck Umit Benan. Hoodie Sandro. 

George Hard, 18, student 
Define beauty... Being generous, humble and having a positive outlook on life.
How has social media affected our ideals of beauty? It has helped change the original ideas of what's considered beautiful and allowed for people's imperfections to be admired. 

Jing Wen wears Jacket Christopher Shannon. Dress and earring Louis Vuitton.    

Jing Wen, 21, model 
Who is the most beautiful person in the world? Miyazaki Hayao. 
His films are an insight into his beautiful soul. What is the most beautiful feature? Eyes, they communicate without sound.
Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Beauty is more of a feeling, a positive energy, something inside your heart.

Flo wears coat 3.1 Philip Lim. Dresses Céline. Vest Prada. Necklace Louis Vuitton.

Flo Kosky, 18, model
How would you define beauty? It has a strength that 'pretty' doesn't and is purer than 'sexy' or 'hot'. I think it's defined by someone's whole being rather than just their aesthetics, you can be the most attractive person in the world and still seem ugly if you're nasty.
When do you feel most beautiful? It's weird because I would have thought it would be at a shoot or show when I've had my makeup done haha. But I think it's actually in small moments with my boyfriend, where he makes me feel beautiful with a look or a kiss on the head, haha I'm lame!
How has social media affected our ideals of beauty today? I think it's made it seem like we all should look a certain way as the idea of perfection is constantly shoved down your throat through ads etc. It's pretty damaging.

Khadija wears coat Miu Miu. Jacket Marni. T-shirt Topshop. Rollneck & Other Stories. Nose ring model's own.

Khadija, 20, model
Define beauty... I define beauty based upon soul.
Who is the most beautiful person in the world? My grandma.
When does making yourself 'beautiful' become too extreme? When you begin to dislike yourself!


Photography Matteo Montanari
Styling Caroline Newell
Hair Paolo Soffiatti at D+V Management using Bumble and bumble
Make-up Lynsey Alexander at Streeters using L'Oréal Paris
Make-up (Khadija only) Lucy Burt at D+V Management using M.A.C. 
Photography assistance Liberto Fillo, Nicholas Riley Bentham
Styling assistance Philip Smith, Amy Crisp, Nancy Bissell
Hair assistance Delphine Bonnet
Make-up assistance (for Lynsey Alexander) Camila Fernandez
Models George Hard at FM London. Jing Wen at Storm. Flo Kosky at Models 1. Khadija at Milk'

caroline newell
matteo montanari