casely-hayford autumn/winter 15

Heads down, hoodies up, Casely-Hayford’s runaways break free to explore a new future.

by Steve Salter
Jan 12 2015, 10:55am

"My Dad is a man of few words and quite often in interviews, he reveals something to me and he often talks about growing up in British subcultures as an outsider," Charlie Casely-Hayford begins backstage. Sparked by Joe's adolescent isolation, the idea of outsiders echoes throughout The Runaways. Not quite belonging in the confines of modern city life, Casely-Hayford's army of layered rebels escape the everyday. They're runaways who wrap themselves in the design duo's "techno craft."

Applying the house mixer of sportswear and tailoring to a heady cocktail of codes, subcultures, creativity and communication, Casely-Hayford once again flip, reverse, displace and juxtapose, the ordinary and familiar are deliciously distorted in their hands but here, there's both an added menace and a heightened sense of a house tribe. "We liked the idea of bringing a group of individuals together whose only shared idea was their individualism and we really wanted to push that forward," Charlie adds. "For us, the layers symbolise this escapism and the length of the garments create an imposing silhouette when you walk." It's true. The softness and richness of their floating textured layers of wool, fleece sweats, leather and nylon, were transformed in the frenetic finale which gathered each of the runaways together for a head down, hoodie up march. This is a reinvigorated Casely-Hayford tribe.

"This season, my Dad kept on wanting to play Drum and Bass when we were in the studio, it was relentless. We approached Andy Amfo with the idea of integrating it into the soundtrack and he played us a few tracks from David Bowie's Earthling, his unknown DnB album. From there we looked at other musicians with unique voices who you wouldn't associate with DnB, the likes of Bjork and Mike Skinner. We have so much fun working on the soundtrack and it's so important to us."


Text Steve Salter
Photography Ash Kingston

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