all-girl art collective, world wide women, comes to camden

The sisterhood of women from all over the world come together for their latest London exhibition, Ritual.

by Felicity Kinsella
Dec 17 2014, 4:38pm

World Wide Women is the sisterhood of photographers and artists inspired by Frida Kahlo and founded by Anouska Beckworth in 2012, with the aim of making the world a better place by empowering one another and creating something beautiful. Their upcoming exhibition Ritual, curated by New York gallerist Andi Potamkin, explores the all-consuming belief and emotion that comes with it's namesake. A ritual comes in four stages; memory, sacrifice, reverence and longing and the exhibition aims to encompass you completely in it's ghostly custom, with a multisensory show of smells, sounds and sights, while young British singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey plays tonight's opening evening out with an acoustic set.

Ritual opens to the public at Camden's Cob Gallery on 18th December (until 21st December) and includes works by the likes of Budapest-based filmmaker Maximilla Lukacs, underwater photographs by Londoner Claudia Legge and the dreamlike A Story of Ophelia, by Anouska herself. Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination...

World Wide Women
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