this 24hr online psychic answers your burning life questions in cat gifs

We spoke to Lisa Solberg, the artist who’s gazing into the future behind a crystal computer screen as the 24HR PSYCHIC ONLINE.

by Emily Manning
Aug 24 2015, 5:55pm

LA-based artist Lisa Solberg has lived in many incarnations. A former professional skier, she's spent the last eight years as a painter and creator of Coco Bunny, an existential rabbit avatar and "psychic guide to the light." Although her 24HR Psychic Gallery -- a "ghost gallery" in LA's Arts District that was open to the public all day every day from December 2013 - February 2014 -- has since shuttered, the psychic is now back in, and this time, online.

Lisa's 24HR PSYCHIC ONLINE site allows people to digitally submit questions to which "The Psychic" responds within 24 hours. But rather than eerily specific forecasts of love and loss, the online psychic's responses vary from short sentences to dancing Snoopy images and hilarious GIFs. These cryptic responses are actually steeped in reverse psychology and encourage fortune-seekers to find answers within themselves. The following images are screenshots of actual questions people have submitted to the pixelated psychic. What's in the cards for you? 

Hi Lisa! Have you ever been to an IRL psychic? Were they right about anything?
I saw my first psychic a few weeks ago and it was the real deal. Her name is Medium Fleur, and she's located in a very un-psychic building. Even the room was super sparse. Just a couch and a chair, where you sit face to face. Her eyes close and flutter and you don't say a word, she just starts to feel you out. It was amazing. She was right about everything. She hooks you in from the beginning by saying some things about your life that blow you away (things you are positive that NO ONE knows but you), then she goes into future stuff. I've seen a few tarot readers since Fleur and they didn't compare.

What motivated you to launch this project?
24HR PSYCHIC, the ghost gallery [space] was created specifically in order to create a platform for discussion of self identity. I am passionate about researching different realms of psychotherapy and am able to express and creatively exhibit my philosophy on these topics through the gallery. The online project, which essentially is a show just not in a physical space, is another vessel doing the same thing - identifying and empowering oneself.

Why do so online?
24HR PSYCHIC is by my definition a ghost gallery, so the fact it's not planted in a concrete physical location adheres to that. I love the accessibility and ease of it online. It's also mysterious - people kind of don't know what to expect because it's not a normal 'psychic space.' People can be anonymous with this project online.

What are the most common questions people ask? The strangest?
Common questions are about what's going to happen tomorrow -- vague filler questions like that. The strangest was probably a person who sent a long story depicting their dream from the previous evening. I like the strangest ones, there's more to work with.

What are your hopes for the 24HR PSYCHIC ONLINE?
Oh, I'm just being present with it.


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