​why one london museum turned down maggie thatcher's wadrobe

The Victoria & Albert Museum threw some sly shade at the controversial Prime Minister's most iconic looks.

by Stuart Brumfitt
Nov 3 2015, 10:26pm

Strings of pearls, brooches and boxy blazers: some staples of the late Margaret Thatcher's prime ministerial wardrobe. But as recognizable as her style (and hair-do) was, London's V&A Museum has deemed it not worthy of exhibition. News broke earlier today that the museum rejected the offer to show a range of her looks before they go on sale at Christie's next month. "The V&A politely declined the offer of Baroness Thatcher's clothes, feeling that these records of Britain's political history were best suited to another collection which would focus on their intrinsic social historical value." 

The museum added in a matter-of-fact (but also slyly shady) way, "The museum is responsible for chronicling fashionable dress and its collecting policy tends to focus on acquiring examples of outstanding aesthetic or technical quality." Translation: Maggie T's wardrobe simply wasn't up to scratch. David Bowie she's not. Nonetheless, the collection of handbags, jewelry and items like her red leather dispatch box are still expected to find favor at auction, with the whole lot estimated to fetch close to $800,000. 


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