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      news Isabelle Hellyer 16 March, 2017

      gucci is hosting a mini music festival

      Arca and Toxe and Amnesia Scanner, oh my!

      Gucci is making a foray into the world of music with an impeccably curated electronic showcase at its Milanese headquarters. Come March 30, the Gucci Hub will be transformed from offices and sprawling event spaces (in February, it hosted the house's fall/winter 17 shows) to an electric nightclub space for #C2CMLN.

      The hub's largest warehouse space — a former aircraft hangar — will act as the heart of #C2CMLN. It sounds a lot like Milan's one-night-only answer to Berghain, no? Arca will lead the stellar lineup with a DJ set, plus visuals provided by longtime collaborator Jesse Kanda. Proving they're well attuned to the electronic underground, the storied house has selected the experimental Berlin-based duo Amnesia Scanner and London's phenomenal Gaika to join the mini-festival too. Toxe, of Stockholm collective Staycore, rounds out the event. Tickets here, for those of you lucky enough to be nearby.

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      Text Isabelle Hellyer

      Photography Wolfgang Tillmans

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