talking sound and style with kendrick lamar's biggest nyc fans

Yesterday, the rapper's most devoted New York fans braved the heat to stand in line and shop his "DAMN." pop-up shop on Spring Street. Everyone was in good spirits — a cacophonous symphony of "DAMN." tracks played from portable speakers and phones, and...

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Jul 21 2017, 4:40pm

Name: Marcell Jacquez, 18 
What's your favorite song off the new album? Probably "YAH."
What's behind your love for Kendrick? He's a god.
What Kendrick lyric inspires you? "I can't fake humble just cause your ass is insecure." 

Name: Waqas Ghani, 26
What's behind your love for Kendrick Lamar? He's just a new lane that hasn't existed before.
How does Kendrick inspire you? He inspires me because I feel like I can do a lot more than I've already done in my life. I'm part of the Kendrick Lamar pop-up right now, I never thought that would ever happen! Everything led me up to this place. The tape and his inspiration helped get me where I am.

Name: Hide Sasayama, 26
What's behind your love for Kendrick? I just came here with my friend! 
Why should people listen to him? He's cool. That's it. 

Name: Keva Knox, 19, and Esaie St-Vil, 22
What are you thinking of copping today? K: Probably one of the Top Dawg Entertainment shirts.
What's behind your love for Kendrick? K: How he speaks on real stuff. He's different from all these rappers who don't talk about anything but a bunch of jibberish. E: He's very vocal. There's nothing he hides.
Favorite Kendrick lyric? E: "Antisocial extrovert." It's the way I am — I can be antisocial, but I still get out there. 

Name: Jasmine Lindsay, 24
Are you going to any of Kendrick's upcoming shows? Yes!
What are you hoping to cop? The white hoodie. People be coming out in it and it looks pretty dope.
What's your favorite song off of this new album? "Loyalty!" I feel like it's underrated.
Favorite Kendrick lyric? "If I gotta slap a pussy ass nigga Imma make it look sexy!" 

Name: Turhan Douglass, 22
What's your favorite song off the new album? Probably "Fear" or "D.N.A."
Describe your style with one Kendrick song. "Rigamortis." 'Cus I'm killing it.
What's behind your love for Kendrick? He's one of the few that really has it all. He has wordplay, deep lyrics, bangers, and he's really trying as an artist — which really feels rare these days.
What Kendrick lyric inspires you? "I said when the lights shut off and it's my turn/ To settle down, my main concern/ Promise that you will sing about me." It's like, we only have one shot at this so we have to make it count.

Name: Sam Friedman, 25
What brought you out here today? I was on Kendrick's Instagram story and I'm a die-hard fan. Soon as I saw it I made my friend come with me.
Are you going to any of his upcoming concerts? I'm trying to go to the one on Sunday, but I've seen him several times in the past.
What's behind your love for Kendrick? He really made me fall back in love with hip-hop. When I heard Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City it changed everything for me.
For anyone out there who doesn't already, why should they listen to Kendrick? Because Obama likes him!

Name: Yuya Sunagawa, 26
What's your favorite Kendrick album? Section 80.
What's behind your love for him? Because he's a genius. He changed hip hop culture and the movement. 


Text André-Naquian Wheeler
Photography Stanislaw Boniecki