whoopi goldberg and rose mcgowan join teen assault survivors in powerful anti-trump psa

Ahead of the third presidential debate, women join forces for an emotional video denouncing Donald Trump's so-called 'locker room talk.'

by Hannah Ongley
Oct 19 2016, 7:35pm

"I think people like Donald Trump will never understand the correlation that women understand between words and actions." Amber Tamblyn's latest very true observation highlights why Trump "locker room talk" about grabbing women by the genitals is so troubling to the majority of women. And, as it happens, why Trump stalking Hillary Clinton around the debate chamber last Sunday spawned a thousand memes and a Danny Elfman horror score. Ahead of the third debate between the Democratic presidential nominee and the proven sexual predator tonight, the campaign Humanity for Hillary has rounded up a mix of survivors and celebrities — Tamblyn is joined by Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Rosie Perez, Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rose McGowan — to remind people that d-low convos about assaulting women are "not okay." Rose, who has been very outspoken about rape culture and the "diagnosable sickness" that is Donald Trump, only last week urged women about the dangers of the Republican candidate's brutal misogyny. 

Some of the survivors recounting their harrowing experiences are only teenagers. Some were as young as 12 when they were raped. Cutting between their stories, the disturbing 2005 recordings, and the infuriating defenses of Trump's words/behavior, the under-three-minute video makes a powerful statement about why a Trump presidency would be so terrifying for women in particular. "It's not okay," politically relevant powerhouse Whoopi concludes in a segment taped in her own home. "Seriously."


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