rose mcgowan hijacks political gala; ignites twitterstorm

'I knew I had to act. So I stepped the fuck up.'

by Emily Manning
Oct 13 2015, 5:10pm

Over the weekend, Rose McGowan was invited to speak at a political dinner in New Hampshire promoting bipartisanship. The group that organized the gala is called No Labels, but that didn't stop the outspoken actress and filmmaker from hurling a few at what she called a "very, very white room." After "two hours of listening to old privileged white men discuss what Americans want without being integrated with any America that I know," McGowan said in an impassioned Facebook post, she "hijacked" the gala and delivered an impromptu speech about race, reproductive rights, and real America.

"These men, who VOTED DOWN EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN, who VOTED AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, and VOTED AGAINST THEIR CONSTITUENT'S [sic] BEST INTERESTS, we're [sic] so comfortable phoning in these pandering, masturbatory speeches -- I knew I had to act. So I stepped the fuck up," McGowan's Facebook post continued. It's accompanied by a video of the ground she filmed during the speech to capture its full audio. She spoke about the diverse experiences of her upbringing -- experiences she didn't see reflected in the words and actions of the evening's political speakers. "I do see nonpartisanship, but I've heard this stuff for years," McGowan said, exasperated. 

The two-minute speech was cut short after the actress' three key takeaways -- "I would say to you: 1) Get out of my body. 2) Equal pay for women. 3) Integrate! You cannot make laws for America without knowing it" -- but she kept the conversation going on social media. Many took to Twitter to voice their support for McGowan's "punk as fuck" disruption, but others couldn't help but see a little irony in the actress' address:


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