Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

new year's resolutions for the industry: part three

In the final part of a series of features we invited a selection of designers, stylists, editors, hair and make-up artists to share their new year’s resolutions for the industry and the positive changes they would like to see going forward?

by i-D Staff
Feb 15 2016, 4:00pm

Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

"The huge changes we are seeing at some of the biggest houses, Lanvin, Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga seem to be heralding a changing of the old guard for the new. Undoubtedly, this seismic shift will make 2016 one of the most interesting years in fashion since the early 2000s!" Angus Munro, Casting Director 

"The tides are turning, things are changing, and it excites me a lot. It's an exciting time to be young and hungry within the fashion industry. I think that there's a breath of fresh air being breathed into fashion right now and this feels like it's just the beginning…. This is the positive thing I would like to see happen, and it's happening!" Anthony Turner, Hairstylist 

"I am wondering if the need for instant gratification on a consumer level will impact the fashion show calendar and deliveries eventually? I think timing will become a big issue for designers and retailers this year." Melanie Ward, Stylist 

"More diversity in the industry will always be positive, but more people having fun would also be nice!" Elgar Johnson, Fashion Director, GQ Style

"We are living in a time of unprecedented change — the usual mediums we work through are evolving at a rate that I don't think anyone has ever witnessed before.… People consume fashion imagery in such a different way now that magazines almost need to redefine themselves. When I was growing up, I collected each issue of The Face and i-D like they were sacred. Imagery today doesn't seem to have the same staying power. I think a reason for that is that there's such a value on newness and an appetite for change, that it feels like we are making a rod for our own back trying to keep up with the demand. If we're going to continue to deliver greatness, we need to find a way to slow down." Luke Hersheson, Hairstylist 

"I am not in the position to suggest change, but I am excited to be in the position to make change." Stephen Galloway, Creative Movement Director

"The pace set by technology keeps us all on our toes. If anything it needs to slow down so we can all take a moment to actually enjoy the endeavors of our creativity! The speed at which things are shared on the Internet and social media means we are too quick to move on to the next thing. Everything is terribly exciting and at our disposal — but does it make us bored? Life Raf Simons said: We need time for 'incubation of ideas.' " Madeleine Østlie, Stylist and Casting Director 

"We need to see more investment in the talent we have in this country, to encourage the next generation." Michael Howells, Set Designer 

"With social media giving us 24/7 of fashion, fashion, fashion, it's been a challenge to keep abreast of interests outside our little neoprene bubble. I'd like to see fashion continuing its path on becoming more inclusive of all cultures, beyond tokenism or as exotic background props." Phil Oh, Photographer 

"The fast pace has pushed the industry to always be more and more creative, through more deliveries and having to do this always at a faster pace. At a certain point, this can alter the quality of collections and kill creativity. Of course the industry is business-driven. But I would love for designers to be free in their creative process. I think consumers need and want to go back to quality clothes and service. Fashion should be about beauty and desire, not just business. I would love for consumers to become more conscious and buy more intelligently." Claudie Pierlot/Vanessa Pierrat, Creative Director 

"There are not enough hours in a day. Things are moving so fast and quite erratic. I see this as a challenge I can grow from. I love a challenge. I would like to see fashion houses be more ecologically friendly." Eugene Souleiman, Hairstylist 

"The pace is faster than ever and one needs to overlap seasons and projects, wear many hats at the same time, a bit of a juggling act but simply part of the game." Peter Pilotto 

"I would like more poetry, less industry; because fashion is nothing without poetry." Jacquemus 

"The fashion industry has changed a lot since we started. Several ideas and perspectives have been developed. Young designers have more visibility and support; the digital tools have been implemented, creating engagement and a different type of interest. These issues are the ones we mostly believe in. We look forward to seeing new resources and new ideas to ensure the industry always gather new trends and the freshest approach. New digital tools will allow the industry to remain innovative, competitive, engaging in a different way and even faster than it is now." Dean and Dan Caten, Dsquared2 

"I'd just like to see a better appreciation of the main protagonist in fashion — which are the clothes — from all parties,  from the consumer, for whom fashion has become instantly disposable, from the head honchos that run these mega houses and place pressures upon their design teams, from the press that are generally after drama in the industry to drum up news stories and traffic and from the buyers, who err on the side of caution. In general, I'd like to see a meritocratic approach in the industry that I think would create a healthier environment." Susie Bubble 

"The most challenging thing about fashion is balancing art and commerce." Francesca Burns, Stylist

"To have more time to commit to a shoot, less days working with past references." Didier Malige, Hairstylist 

"I would like to see an industry that is more devoted to charity and benefit projects." Piergiorgio del Moro 

"I think that working with other creative people in the industry is always something that I relish and enjoy. In 2016, with everything moving so quickly, it's about digging deeper and looking forward." Romy Soleimani, Makeup Artist


Photography Jason Lloyd Evans