sweet talk and sunglasses with lucy folk and julia sarr-jamois

It takes two to make a thing go right! Lucy Folk collaborates with i-D Senior Fashion Editor Julia Sarr-Jamois on a new collection of sweet sunglasses.

by Lynette Nylander and Adam Fletcher
Oct 13 2014, 10:15am


Lucy Folk is a total foodie. Her collections of accessories have served up a veritable feast of 22-carat-gold popcorn, sapphire caviar and crystalised cucumbers. Now whet your appetite with her latest release Sugar, including a capsule collection of sunglasses in collaboration with Sunshine Bertrand and i-D Senior Fashion Editor, Julia Sarr-Jamois. Coming in three styles, just decide whether you want one sugar, two, or three? We indulge our sweet tooth with the Australian connoisseur...

How did the collaboration come about?
Having had a passion for sunglasses all of my life, being an avid beachgoer and living in Australia, I decided it was time to add this product category to my brand. Developing the collection with my old friend (and amazing eyewear designer) Sunshine Bertrand was just the beginning - she has had such incredible experience in the industry so taught me a lot about the process along the way. I was also very lucky to work with an incredible factory in Italy to produce the sunglasses - the quality is insane and that's something that is super important to me! One aspect I wanted to ensure was that I clearly communicated to people my passion for colour and love for tactile materials. So, the thinking was to pair this passion with a like-minded individual like Julia and develop one particular style within the collection with this in mind. The result - the JUICY JSJ - is Julia's and my love child!

What was the working process like between yourself and Julia?
It was very organic! Julia and I are both pretty relaxed types of people, and we both have a clear vision for what we like. Therefore, it was a really natural process…. we quickly agreed on colours and shapes for the sunglasses and had a good time in the process (from drinking wine in my hotel room to having green juices after a broken down car incident)! The sampling timeline for sunglasses is VERY lengthy so I was thrilled to have the JUICY JSJ's in my hand when I was in Paris for sales this past month! It was a waiting game but it was worth it! The response so far has been phenomenal - Sunshine and I are already finalising the next collection, which we shall launch for Resort 2016! It's also exciting to see the product on the store floor and we've had the likes of Dakota Johnson and Tavi Gevinson wearing them.

What was the inspiration behind the sunglasses?
We were inspired by colour, quality Italian acetates and classic shapes. Also, there are obvious details that tie back to my jewellery, and a scalloped edge that we carried over into all of the styles (the other styles are called the SWEET N LOW - perfect for small heads like mine! and the SHERBET BOMB). This edging relates back to a tart tin that was one of the inspirations behind my Resort 2014 collection, SUGAR. I also created a special sunglasses chain (which matches back to one of my best selling necklaces) which enables the wearer to enjoy their sunnies in the form of a necklace too! It's all very wearable and fun!

What are your plans next?
God where do I start! I am working on my autumn/winter 15 collection at the moment and I am thinking of expanding my product categories again by offering some sort of fun piece of apparel. I am also working on my next sunglasses collection for Resort 16 and am planning to open another flagship store (or two!) towards the end of next year - so much to do, so little time!

Who is your sunglasses icon?
Being Australian, I'd have to say the hilarious Dame Edna Everage - but I cannot go past the outrageous and eclectic Iris Apfel!



Text Lynette Nylander
Photography courtesy Rainbowwave

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