hunx and his punx frontman seth bogart closes his l.a. art show with a bang

Find out why Hedi Slimane can’t get enough of this wild ‘n’ crazy rocker/hairdresser/artist.

by John Tuite
Oct 2 2015, 4:05pm

Seth Bogart is an L.A. Renaissance man. He's responsible for two cult bands, a fashion line and boutique, and now, a rollicking video art project. The frontman of beloved homo rock outfit Hunx and his Punx (and previously, Gravy Train!!!!) is currently focused on a video series produced by Telefantasy Studios, The Seth Bogart Show, which he debuted as part of an art installation at Los Angeles' 356 Mission Gallery (it closes tonight with a blowout party). Seth has also recently been attracting hype for his fashion work with the clothing brand and Sunset Boulevard boutique Wacky Wacko, whose fans include Miley Cyrus and Hedi Slimane. He even collaborated with the Saint Laurent designer on a capsule collection of exuberant prints last year.

The Seth Bogart Show combines Bogart's passion for performance, music, design and pop culture. It's a hyper-campy variety show that pays tribute to tasteless daytime television. Check out this exclusive clip and read on for Seth's thoughts on ADD and his obsession with malls. 

Your show in L.A. is its own immersive world, it's like stepping onto a movie set. What did you want to accomplish with the space?
I wanted to make people puke! Just kidding. My goal was to create a world that would finally combine all of my favorite creative outlets - painting, sculpture, video, music and ceramics. My doctor wouldn't give me a Ritalin prescription and I can't focus on one thing.

Much of your work references consumer culture and beauty products - where do these obsessions come from?
Beauty school, I guess? And an undying love for malls, teenagers and shopping.

You've tried your hand at a lot of professions so far - hairdresser, musician, designer, and now TV personality. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A celebrity.

If someone sat down in your hairdresser's chair and asked for "the Hunx" or "the Bogart," what haircut would they end up getting?
The Hunx would be a shitty wig and the Bogart would be intensely gelled hair covered in black paint.

How did you get the idea for your video series?

I thought having a "concert" or an "art show" seemed boring so I put them together and called it a TV show. Maybe I smoked too much weed but it seemed like a good idea. Plus, the only way I could get on TV was by starting my own show.

If you could have any guest in the world on the Seth Bogart Show, who would you book?
Natasha Lyonne.

What's your new music like?
I have an album coming out in early 2016 as Seth Bogart. I've been working on it for over two years with my friend Cole MGN. I can't wait for people to hear it. It features some of my friends like Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr, Kathleen Hanna, Tavi Gevinson and Chela. I haven't really told anyone yet.

What can we expect from the project?
I won't be touring nightclubs. I want to play special select shows and present the music in installation environments I create. In terms of sound, the new album is more "Radio Disney" and kinda influenced by music I grew up listening to: Le Tigre, Kraftwerk, Broadcast, Nina Hagen, Julian Casablancas (LOL).

Where's your show going after the installation is taken down?
After the closing party tonight (there's going to be a special performance), I think it'll go to NYC as another installation. And then it will become a traveling live show in 2016.

The Seth Bogart Show is on view at 365 Mission in Los Angeles through October 2.


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