5 things to do in ny this week: from boobs to bjork

Here are our top five picks of what you need to see, hear and do in NYC this week.

by Courtney Iseman
Mar 2 2015, 3:45pm

Future Fakes
Almost as long as there has been luxury fashion, there has been a booming counterfeit luxury fashion business. Lately, the focus has finally been moving toward authenticity and artisanship, but new technology threatens to make knock-offs easier and cheaper than ever before. What do advances like 3-D printing mean for reproducing the next It bag? Susan Scafidi of the Fashion Law Institute and Ariele Elia, MFIT assistant curator, will delve into what the future of fashion counterfeiting looks like at this thought-provoking discussion.

Tuesday, March 3 at 6PM, at the Museum at FIT, 227 West 27th Street.

Björk at Carnegie Hall and MoMA
Hope you're one of the lucky ones who got a ticket to Björk's Carnegie Hall before it sold out (immediately). But even if you missed out, you can reconnect with one of music's most innovative artists at her MoMA retrospective. Fans have been enduring a Björk withdrawal, which she mercifully ended by releasing her latest album, Vulnicura, earlier this year. Whether or not you snagged a concert ticket, head to the MoMA show when it opens Sunday, where only 100 visitors at a time will wander through rooms themed for each of her albums, featuring costumes, instruments, sound and video clips, and artwork.

Show — Saturday, March 7 at 12PM, at Carnegie Hall, 881 Seventh Avenue.

Retrospective — Sunday, March 8 to Sunday, June 7, at MoMA, 11 West 53rd Street.

Boobs of Bushwick Party
Tumblr Boobs of Bushwick became a hit because of its playful, refreshingly non-creepy portrayal of both female and male boobs in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Something about the fun approach that founder Kate Chiplinksky takes makes people just want to lift up their shirts. If you, too, would like to lift up your shirt for Tumblr, or even if you just want to dance and drink in celebration of this bold blog, head to The Rookery. While it's not a topless event, professional photographers and a photo booth will be there should you decide to throw caution to the wind.

Tuesday, March 3, at The Rookery, 425 Troutman Street.

The Hugo Boss Prize 2014: Paul Chan, Nonprojections for New Lovers
Paul Chan is an acclaimed contemporary artist creating buzz in the art world with his projections, performances and publishing. He was recognized with the Hugo Boss Prize of 2014 for his work, Nonprojections for Lovers. The installation runs on video projectors and power-conducting shoes rigged with cords that create only the illusion of video being played. The goal, according to Chan, is for the viewer to conjure up his or her own imagery, for a guided yet personal experience.

Friday, March 6 to Wednesday, May 13, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue. 

Charles Atlas and Douglas Crimp
Charles Atlas's recent self-titled monograph is the latest exciting work of the artist and filmmaker's forty-year career. To fete the debut, Atlas will sit down with art historian and professor Douglas Crimp, for a discussion at The Kitchen, that long-running influencer of what we should be paying attention to next in the art world. At the talk, Atlas will not only hone in on his monograph, but also on the standout works that have made his career (a body of over 75 projects) so renowned.

Monday, March 2 at 7PM, at The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street.


Text Courtney Iseman
Photography Ari Magg
[The Passionate Issue, No. 244, June 2004]