chela and banoffee's weird magic, plus other Australian musicians you need to know

In one curated list.

by Briony Wright
Oct 19 2018, 2:45pm

Chela, Shut You Up
Chela and Banoffee, two of our favorite Australians who've been residing in L.A. recently, have teamed up on a song called Shut You Up. The hooky pop tune with slick production and an irresistible chorus also has an epic video directed by Chela. Set in a tweaked, dystopian universe where the drug of choice is called Fantasy, the futuristic outfits are cause for celebration alone.

Maya Hirasedo, 1959
Maya Hirasedo, the young Melbourne musician, who's worked with Banks and been welcomed into the VFILES community, just continues to impress. Delivering music full of emotional wisdom and relatable insights with the voice of an angel, her new single 1959 is a cool, dreamy RnB journey inspired by nostalgic memories, which made its debut at VFILES' New York Fashion Week show. Swoon.

Ella Thompson, Hysteria
Ella Thompson's latest single Hysteria is like ASMR therapy for anyone into sweet sounds and delicious visuals. The artist, who's previously honed her skills in GL and Dorsal Fins worked with Prue Stent and Honey Long on a video full of their distinctive color, texture, and celebration of form. Watch out for her new EP in a few weeks.

Kirkis, Who’s Bad??????
Who’s Bad?????? is a new video from Kirkis—the artist who defies categorization and petrifies us in a good way—that’s been released in the lead up to his second album, Kirkis 2. You never quite know what you’re going to get from this musician, who’s also an accomplished artist and filmmaker, and this video doesn’t disappoint. According to Kirkis, "Who's Bad??????" is a three-song video collage that accompanies the sophomore album, following a simple story of a killer on the run who hallucinates a series of unrelated events." Probably easier if you just watch it here.

Parcels, Withorwithout
Parcels have long been based in Berlin but formed during high school in the relatively quiet beachside town of Byron Bay. Signed to French label Kitsuné, they play cool electro-pop and disco-soul, which has led to career-defining moments like working with Daft Punk and playing Glastonbury. Now, the band have released a new video for their jangly song Withorwithout and it’s epic. A seven minute, beautifully-directed slasher film starring Milla Jovovich this is quite the gift.

Carmouflage Rose, Let Me Down ft. George Maple
Charismatic Brisbane rapper Carmouflage Rose this month released an EP called Taste, and has now shared a video for the single Let Me Down. It's a little cruisier than expected, making us excited for his November national tour.

This article originally appeared on i-D AU.

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