we found skateboarding paradise, it's in copenhagen

Skate, party, skate, party, repeat. The Copenhagen Open is where you want to be.

by Maurizio Annese
Aug 3 2017, 7:03pm

A version of this was originally published by i-D Italy.

If you have grown up permanently attached to a skateboard, you've undoubtably always dreamed of a city where everything revolves around it. A concrete metropolis that's all yours, full of ramps, rails, plenty of stairs — maybe throw in some picnic tables. Well, skate heaven does exist — for five days each year in the wide open streets of Denmark's slick capital. During the Copenhagen Open, the city becomes a skatepark and pros from around the world convene, compete, and party. It draws everyone from the big names to kids just getting started, and it's all about having a good time, enjoying the space, trash talking, and endless ollie opportunities. We headed there to shoot the festivities, and recommend you get yourself there next year. 


Photography Maurizio Annese