5 things you need to know about 69 fall/winter 15

Last night at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, the LA-based anonymous designer staged presentation full of friends, bizarre blue alcohol, and lots of top notch denim.

Feb 19 2015, 9:30pm

Photography Christine Hahn

1) A primer: 69 is a non-demographic brand based in Los Angeles that deals in classic and comfortable fabrics like denim, linen, and cotton jersey. The designer behind the androgynous, oversized blue jean dreams sticks to a strict code of anonymity, even among last night's crowd of admirers. "Who I am doesn't matter," they told i-D last year, "It's what you do that matters."

2) They've got some pretty cool friends: Last night's presentation was staged in collaboration with DIS, the brains behind some seriously compelling conceptual projects like #artselfie. Never using models, autumn/winter 15 was sported by some of the brand's BFFs, including Eckhaus Latta designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, photographer Christelle de Castro, and artist Juliana Huxtable.

3) Accessories are the name of the game: Having mastered dad jeans and denim baseball jerseys, 69 brought out a bevy of bitchin' accessories for autumn/winter 15. Yamaka style caps, bucket hats, bow hair wraps, knit beanies, gigantic scarves—even a pair of kicks that look like a denim puli dog—pulled the collection together beautifully.

4) Oversized was an understatement: While the brand is often revered for its robe-style silhouettes, it took oversized to a new level last night. The presentation included larger than life display garments, including a denim button up that looked like it could fit the entire real model crew inside, as well as a massive knitted denim robe. 

5) They've got the best business cards ever: You might have already peeped it on i-D's Instagram, but 69's credit card turned business card is our new favorite display of executive realness. The cards came zipped inside 69 denim pouches, awarded to anyone willing to brave the mysterious blue drank alongside it. 


Text Emily Manning
Photography Christine Hahn