nike renews the acg line

Fans of the brand’s “All Conditions Gear”, rejoice!

by Stuart Brumfitt
Dec 16 2014, 4:30pm

Established more than 30 years ago to provide high-tech protection and performance in all conditions, Nike ACG was a lesser-seen gem in the company's treasure trove. Now it's back as NikeLab ACG, and is ready to deliver sports utility for the city with outerwear, footwear and bags in advanced fabrics.

Berlin-based designer Errolson Hugh has brought his knowledge of fit, apparel construction and functionality to the line (Hugh is the co-founder of Acronym®, an independent design agency focused on the unification of style and technology in apparel).The fit of the clothes helps create a structure or stance "that's universal to all sports," according to Hugh, who goes on to explain, "In martial arts it's often called the 'ready' or 'neutral' stance, and it's a precursor to just about any type of movement. Your centre of gravity is neutral, but it's dropped. Your ankles, knees and elbows are bent. You're in a kind of half-crouch, but you're looking forwards." It's the foundation on which everything is built and means that "readiness is physically encoded into the silhouette of the collection."

The apparel is made for urbanites who variously walk, bike and climb between crowded and humid subways, windy bridges, exposed streets and warm interiors. The collection's layering attributes allow the wearer to gear up or down to match the environment.

The NikeLab ACG collection is available from 18th December at in North America, Western Europe and Japan. It will also be available at the following retail locations: NikeLab 21 Mercer NYC, NikeLab DSM NYC, Niketown New York, NikeLab 1948 LDN, NikeLab DSM LDN, NikeLab P75 Paris, NikeLab LNZ1 Milan and NikeLab DSM Ginza in Tokyo.