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It's New Generation Week on and where better to find the stars of tomorrow than at London's top design schools? We headed down to Central Saint Martins to shoot the BA (Hons) Fashion Design graduates. Remember their names!

by i-D Team
Nov 18 2014, 3:10am

Yuvali Theis

What made you want to study fashion?
It's fast paced and never boring and you more or less do anything.

What inspired you FMP?
Wexford, my hometown in Ireland. It's been really affected by the recession, so I went there and filmed, I did drawings, interviewed people. It's really about the young people there who haven't got much of a future and get drunk and have fun.   

Do you think you still need a degree to work in the creative industries?
I think it definity helps. People always seem very interested in the show here.

What are you doing this weekend?
Making breakfast rolls and dog stalking in the park. I'll have a few cans there too.

What's the best thing about living in London?
There's always something to do. There's loads of parks, so there's loads of dogs.

What's next?
I'm starting some freelance work in London. After the show, I found out that I've worn the Deutsche Bank Award for Fashion. So I'm starting another collection this summer, so lots of sewing to get ready for September. Excited for Summer generally and a trip home to Ireland.



Photography Yuvali Theis

Central St. Martins
richard malone
yuvali theis