lara stone's bert is the hottest dog in town

Bert is beautiful. Bitches want to be with him and studs want to be him. When he struts down the street heads swivel, hearts break and bells chime. Here we get acquainted with the hottest dog on the block…

by Sean Baker
Feb 20 2014, 4:25pm

Just turned two years old, youthful and exuberant Bert loves to live life to the fullest. With his glamourous pals and guardians Lara Stone and David Walliams he frequents the finest establishments and parties in town. Whether donning a dickie bow for a shindig at Elton's or primping his paws for a chow down at Scott's he always looks his best. As Papa David fills stadiums with laughter and Mama Lara packs out newsstands with her million dollar gap-toothed grin, Bert is content kicking-back in the sunshine with his pals Mr Pumba and Mrs Cow or just chilling by the fridge. Expect this pretty perfect pooch on a cover of Dogue near you soon but first get to know him here...

Tell us a bit about yourself... 
Born on the 23rd December 2011, I'm a grizzle and tan coloured Border Terrier with brown eyes. I'm 15? tall and weigh around 1st 5lbs.

Tell us some of your favourite foods... 
Cheese, sausages, Mama's homemade cheese biscuits, leaves and the inside of my toys.

Lara Stone

What do you like to get up to in your free time?
Hanging out of car windows, napping, tummy tickles, park with friends and cuddles with Mama and Papa.

Which are your favourite toys? 
Mr Pumba, big bird, monkey, Mrs Cow and big annoying red ball.

Where do you like to nap? 
In the sun, next to the fridge (just in case there might be cheese in there), on the sofa, on the doormat (so I'm right there when Papa gets home) or in bed next to Mama.


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