watch mac demarco act in trailer for new horror film

The "Salad Days" are definitely over.

Oct 7 2015, 7:00pm

Photography Adrian Mesko

Famously friendly Mac Demarco has agreed to help out a couple of kids by participating in 18-year-old director Dylan Greenberg's Dark Prism, a B-Horror indie movie, which, according to their Facebook page, is "a film that helps you understand that everything is going to go wrong."

The gap-toothed slack rocker plays a character called "The Master." His familiar voice introduces the trailer over an eerie visual of his face, which is both hypnotizing and hilarious (not unlike a friend's unflattering snapchats from bed the morning after a night out).

Mac's never been shy to appear on screen. You can see him grinding on a granny with Tyler, the Creator on Loiter Squad, and he graced the world with Dave Fuck in "The Backer" - a mockumentary about a dreamer who directs cars backing into tight spots (certainly worth a watch) - but this is the first time the Pepperoni Playboy has lent his mug to a video project over 3 minutes long.

Watch the surreal trailer here, featuring stock footage car crashes, Blondie's keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen, a possessed phallus and girls who appear to have stepped right out of Tumblr. As the film's tagline promises, "you wouldn't believe us if we told you."


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