'friends' deleted scenes randomly go viral

The scenes were shot for a 2001 episode but cut from the original broadcast.

by Nick Levine
Aug 18 2015, 11:24pm

Although it's been on YouTube since 2007, this video featuring four minutes of deleted scenes from Friends has inexplicably gone viral today. Sometimes, we guess, the whole world just needs its Friends fix.

The deleted scenes were actually shot for episode three of season eight, The One Where Rachel Tells Ross, and show Chandler and Monica getting into trouble with airport security as they attempt to jet off for their honeymoon. The moral of the story: don't crack a joke about bombs when you're about to board a plane.

This episode was set to premiere within a month of the tragic events of 9/11, so the show's producers understandably chose to cut them from the original broadcast. But today, they play like classic Friends: Chandler can't resist using humor to diffuse an awkward situation, Monica can't help being neurotic and competitive even when she's about go on vacation, and Joey and Phoebe manage inadvertently to make a sticky situation even worse for the couple.

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