performance artist gets naked at art basel, again

Art Basel opens today and people have already gotten naked.

by Hana Beach
Jun 18 2015, 4:05pm

Milo Moiré

Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré got naked at Art Basel, again. From when she dropped paint-filled eggs out of her vagina to her attempted naked entry into last year's Art Basel, Moiré continuously challenges the art world. During the second day of Art Basel's VIP previews and a few minutes away from the main venue, Moiré performed her latest, pretty self explanatory piece: Naked Selfie. Moiré set her camera on a tripod and undressed—leaving only a pair of pink running sneakers. She then stood in front of the camera waiting for someone to take a #selfie with her. Unsurprisingly, all of the selfies were taken with men, most of them posing with a predictable thumbs up.

Art Basel is a place for artists to explore the realm of the unexpected: last year's festival included the debut of Miley Cyrus's fun and chaotic sculptures and Matthew Stone's visual and auditory exhibition. But Moiré's piece might be the most alluring of them all. Her unauthorized performance is not just surprising and original, but also offers a criticism of the loss of privacy with the increased use of social media.


Text Hana Beach
Photo courtesy Milo Moiré

Art Basel
Milo Moiré